PER® ECO Non-Slip Fabric/Matting

StayPut by Isagi

StayPut ECO PER®Non-Slip Fabric/Matting

The new StayPut ECO PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin) is a new eco friendly patented material which offers a flexible range of fabrics and matting that is ideal for domestic and commercial use.

The StayPut ECO PER® fabric is made from a unique non toxic resin which is free of rubber and latex, odour free and does not emit any toxic chemicals or gases, the polymer environmental resin is melded onto a mesh, supported by polyester fibres resulting in an open weave construction. The mat has been successfully tested against harmful substances; Oeko-Tex Standard 100- Product Class 1(for baby articles).

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  • Toxin free and non allergenic
  • Fire Retardant and UV stable
  • Biodegradable
  • Odourless
  • Secure, non adhesive non slip
  • Safe on all surfaces, including Polyurethane paint or varnish
  • Hygienic and easy to clean. Machine Washable 40°.
  • Easy to Cut & Sew
ECO PER Rolls all colours

ECO PER Certification

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 - Product Class 1 (for baby articles) Environmental Standard Authentication
Seeds growing in ECO PER FabricECO PER as Basket Liner
  • USA FDA test by SGS CY-2007-10529A
  • Phthalate free – No PVC – SGSUG–2008-20035
  • European Commission (EC) – REACH
  • UV Stable
  • Fire retardant
  • Biodegradable PIDC TEST -2005-08-18
  • Japan ST toy safety 070202052-4
  • Toxic-heavy metal free SGS-UG/2008/20035A-03
  • ROHS standards – SGS CE-2007-C8168
Polymer Environmental Resin
Standard PVC's
Environmental Standard


Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 - Product Class 1(for baby articles)



(Biodegradable PIDC TEST -2005-08-18)


- Landfill -

Solid Ingredient – FDA

ECO PVC Powder

(USA FDA test by SGS CY-2007-10529A)

PVC Powder
Toxicant from PVC


ROHS regulation (Directive 2002/95/EC)
Liquid Ingredient

ECO Plasticisers

European Commission (EC) – REACH
Carcinogen – Phthalate


(SGS Test -UG/2008/20035)
Heavy Metal


(SGS Test -UG/2008/20035A-03)
Support Structure
100% Polyester mesh
100% Polyester mesh

So why use StayPut ECO PER® Non- Slip Fabric?

  • Non-Slip - Simply, it helps prevent items from moving or sliding. The open weave structure is also free draining, making the fabric an effective non-slip surface even when wet.
  • Non-Stick - Grips without sticking, both the top and bottom surface.
  • Cushioned and soft - Nice to handle as well as protecting surfaces and items from chipping and scratching
  • Machine Washable - Can be kept clean, fresh and stain free 40°
  • Easily Cut, and available in different widths - Can be cut to fit any shape and size, from a cutlery tray insert to a full table
  • Can be sewn – Ideal for applications where the fabric is to be integrated with other materials, i.e. outdoor seat cushions, industrial clothing etc.
  • Open weave structure - Allows for air circulation and free draining
  • Mould and mildew resistant - Hardwearing and long lasting
  • Range of attractive colours - Can be co-ordinated with colour schemes
  • Adaptable - Without a doubt, the most versatile fabric you will ever come across, it can be used virtually anywhere - food safe - non toxic - Latex and Rubber free - Fire Resistant - UV Stable, - Safe for all surfaces, - Biodegradable, - Environmentally Friendly.
  • The only limitation is your imagination, see the ‘ideas for use’ page as your starting point, and please feel free to email us with your own suggestions.


Pearl White 0030 Almond 0020 Taupe 0110 Dove Grey 0500
0030 PERPW
Pearl White
0020 PERA
0110 PERT
0500 PERG
Dove Grey
Electric Blue 0100 Indigo Blue 0040 Chilli Red 0800 Burgundy 0900
0100 PEREB
Electric Blue
0040 PERIB
Indigo Blue
0800 PERRD
Chilli Red
0900 PERBG
Mimosa Yellow 0700 Forest Green 0001 Black 0060
0700 PERYL
Mimosa Yellow
0001 PERFG
Forest Green
0060 PERB

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