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Non-slip fabrics make life a little easier...

The StayPut range of non-slip fabrics and matting provide superior grip and safety in the home, for leisure activities, in Hospitals, or Clinics, Care homes, Industry, Manufacturing and Catering. StayPut is the simple effective solution to stop items slipping and moving. It eliminates the need for adhesives, clamps or other forms of fixing in a wide range of applications.

We recognise that our products are used in a huge variety of ways, from day to day home use through to manufacturing processes, and as such our products can be in contact with children, the elderly, a production workbench or incorporated into another manufactured product.

The innovation continues with more good ideas, so watch this space, as we introduce even greater innovations, which further develop the exciting non-slip fabrics/matting. Our unique materials fulfil a wide variety of uses and provide environmentally, ecologically friendly, and essentially biodegradable materials, which maintain our quality, but unlike most generally available non slip PVC products, contain no toxins or heavy metals, latex or rubber, and are accredited to Oeko-Tex Product Class 1, FDA, SGS, and PIDC standards.

Isagi® are sole suppliers of the NER® and PER® fabrics under the StayPut by Isagi ™ brand in the UK, and many European Countries.

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